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Class Cancellations

Unfortunately, due to social isolation related to COVID-19, the remainder of our Winter semester and our Spring semester will be cancelled. This includes classes, as well as social and formal dances. We will continue to post updates as we get more information regarding social distancing policies. We hope to be able to open for the Fall semester, but at this point it is too early to tell– as the semester approaches we will continue to update the website, as well as our Facebook page to inform our students of our plans.

Thank you all for understanding, we hope to see you all back in class as soon as we can!

MUN Ballroom and Latin Dance Club

One thought on “Welcome to the MUN Ballroom and Latin Dance Club Website!

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry! Unfortunately, the only reason our Level 2 class is scheduled late is to accommodate the people in the other two classes, Level 3 is usually made up of our oldest members which disallows them to come by so late and leave even later. As for level 1, as we are trying to recruit students to join our club, we are aware that many of them do not drive nor live close by to the university and can be victims of the cold weather in St. John’s, placing them in a disadvantage.

    However, you do make an excellent point and we will take this inquiry seriously and will try to bring upon change in our next meetings. Thank you so much for you feedback and we look forward to seeing you soon and make sure we try to find a way around it.

    MUN BLDC Exec..


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